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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Staying in Vancouver a little while longer...nothing too exciting going on, but there's always hope--Sin City next weekend--and whilst I wait for that, I can enjoy the feverish "hots" that I gots for someone I can't touch for a couple of very reasonable sounding reasons. I content myself with the thought that these types of things are often better left imagined. Besides, he can't possibly be as good as I imagine. Constantly. So this is what my mother calls the beginnings of me bouncing back. I hope so, it's kind of spooky how not interested I am in persuing anything with anyone. Not that there's any options. ;) If. How my level of attractiveness to white guys went up recently in this shallow city: the re-introduction of my horrible stained westbeach cap and cool shades. Honestly. But now the non white guys don't look at me, you just can't win.

It looks like me settling down out here because of my job isn't going to be happening for a while either, which is making me think I should come out here anyway and to hell with the job. But I'll probably remain a lovable hobo for a spell in spite of my urges to stay in one spot for more than a couple months. So instead of brooding about my temporary nature, I'm working on my artist statement for My Mushroom Manifesto, and trying to think of meaningful names for all the work for my up coming show in TO. Please come, I'll send out an invite when I know the date it's going up...


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