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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Holidays y'all!
I spent a quiet one home at the farm, and haven't been out to see anyone because there's not enough working vehicles to get around and we're buried in emercency level work and scrambling against the winter on the property. I've totalled another car, this time it was my brother's, and I'm lucky to be ok as usual. Spectacular as my accidents are , this year makes it 3 for 3, I managed to come out with the usual soreness but no serious injury other than aggravating my poor old back. This time I thought it would be a good idea to try fishing with the car; ended up on the roof in a creek. It was cold and wet.

On a more positive note: my show will be going up this month sometime! It's all finished and looking pretty. 22 pieces! I may even try and get it into one of the old galleries I've already shown in, but taking good pictures of the work is still a problem that I haven't solved. I've challenged myself to get out of my ruts and have created a diverse body of work that is both technically fwd thinking and steeped in organic slabbiness. you'll have to come see it. I'm all excited about it, and already planning where it's going to take my next batch of work this upcoming year. At the very least I'm still trying to make a pile of stuff every year to keep up my development.

I'll be heading out west again in February but I don't know what we'll be building yet, could be Vancouver, could be Whistler. Could even be in Alberta depending on who gets what job. Neat.

luff luff!


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