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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's been a while since i've last posted. A lot has happened since the morning of Blake's wedding and a lot of the things that happened were sad, bad, and difficult. So let me tell you about the good things: I joined a volleyball team, so i play once a week. I got spectacularly good reference letters from my old bosses at RBC. I finished my TEFL certification and am trying to get a short job in Korea. (Just for the month of January.) I'm hopeful that i'll be able to find short term "seasonal" work until then but don't have the time to actually go out and apply anywhere yet! How can someone with no job be so busy? well, i appreciate the busy-ness, for without it i would be more lost than i already am. too much time to think is bad. i'm still not finished the reno project either, and it's really bugging me, i would just like to get it finished but something always came up.

My goals this month are to complete the reno, take another module in TEFL, apply to JET, get a part time job, and try to eat a little more healthy. And maybe buy some underwear. As someone on CSI once said: " a girl with worn out drawers is just sad." (or something like that.) (I too have fallen before the candylike viewing treat that is CSI.) i got some long sleeved heavier shirts and a sweater yesterday. i realized that as i toss all my ridiculously worn out clothes, the only things i have left are tanks and t's, which didn't bode well for the extra wet dampness that infuses the Niagara region. it feels good to have less clothes though, it's organized, if not glamourous. Okaymaybe some of my clothes are glamourous, but i rarely get to wear them.


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