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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(Oh those guys.)

Here's the deal: I'm in construction and I'm the boss ma'am. I love my job and the people I work with, even if the're totally bastards. Because that makes it even more fun; I don't take much personally.

I don't usually post during the week, but that might change because I'm having so much fun that I want to share. Also, because my hair is wet, and I have to do something while my hair air dries a bit, becasue I'm too lazy to dry it from wet-wet. I don't usualy wash my hair during the week. It's not gross, it's just the way it is. I wear a touque, 4 shirts, two pant layers, 2 pairs of socks. Sexy is not what I'm aiming for, and I never even take my hair out of a pony tail the whole time. It's frickin freezing on my job site. It's been snowing for 9 days in a row.

I'm at the age where I generally see that the guy who you may sort of want to blow off your " no touching the men on your sites" rule for, is probably not worth the trouble to even get to that point. Enjoy the insane flirtation and this will keep you hotter than actualizing that he's shitty in bed and a mouthy jackass to boot. Ladies, am I wrong here? :) The best part is that I'm going to just loll in the glory that the latest one is off the list for one of my very good and honest reasons, (3 whole days before the weekend!!) really and truly, and just needle the crap out of him for the rest of the job, because it'll needle the crap out of him. I can really joke around now.

So tomorrow, (I"m going to dress up in the hottest construction outfit I have,) and I'm letting the hair go. I have awe inspiring hair when I'm in the mood. I can't wait. It'll keep my head warm enough. So now he says one of my "deal breakers"* type statements today, and that's it for my interest. It's ok to get to the point where they don't meet your pre-reqs and instantly move on. He's not the type of person that I'm interested in, is my rationale for being so finite. I'll look good tomorrow, and I'll go make friends at one of the other sites just down the hall. My site is in a mall that's under heavy construction. I need to find out if the guys on the other sites know a good concrete pouring company oweing to the fact that I truly do have to find someone to pour me some concrete later this week.

It 's the best; being naturally friendly, and not giving a crap! It's ALBERTA, and even I look good in a cowboy hat and a bikini.

*"deal breakers" may include and are not limited to:

"My girlfriend and I..."
"I really want to get married and have kids..."
"Detroit?! how can you be a Detroit fan?!"
"You should have been born a guy."
"I was kind of cheating on my girlfriend when..."
"I'm a racist bigot."


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