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Friday, September 07, 2007

I really enjoy having my own PC in use. Hopefully one of you can point me in the direction of Jon's wedding photos.

I can't find my cable for my camera, so I will show you pics of my new place at some point after I organize my studio room. It's really nice here. I've jumped in with both feet again as usual. Jesse and I are now co-habiting, at least when he gets his days off: the rest of the time he's 10 hours north of here getting buried in mud. His recent insanity has faded, curbed by the realization that he needs the patch to quit smoking, and he appreciates me again. We have really good communication together and are working through our respective insecurities. He cooks too.

Things are good. I haven't gotten a job yet, but my credit is helping me hang on. My cards are pretty hot though, getting lots of use buying couches--what a great deal we got!--and other nice things to make a wonderful comfortable home. My bathroom is a haven from the mess of the rest of the house, and I can't believe how many pots and pans and baking things I actually own. It is so nice to see my books again and have all my supplies at my fingertips. Imagine not having your stuff for 13 years. Imagine finally seeing why you stored it all in the first place. I want to find a job that pays enough to keep this place should things not work out, but to contradict that, I'm also trying to find Jesse a good job in town. I don't want to move again for a long time. I'm exhausted and my back is only now starting to mend. I helped Brandy move, my brother, and my parents, (the parents' move was HUGE and took 2 months.) Then I moved my own stuff twice and finally am starting to unpack again.

The next foreseeable issues are to get a job and to turn myself and my truck all Albertan. This will be expensive and annoying. My truck is 30 years old and will have to pass an inspection. I bet that's going to cost me lots, unless I do it the shady way. It's not unsafe, I just dumped over 10 grand into it, it just doesn't have a horn or a parking break. I don't know anyone out here for that though. I will probably have to get glasses/contacts in order to get a license. Luckily I have 3 months before I legally have to do these things. Albertans don't have the equivalent of OHIP either, so I'd have to pay for health care. Such a wealthy province doesn't have health care, it's absurd. They also don't recycle. For shame.

Anyhow, I've procrastinated long enough and have to start assembling this huge Ikea shelf thing.


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