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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I went on a buying binge today and it felt wonderful.

Down in the doldrums I've been, and to get a breath of fresh air from my palpable miasma, (is this a mixed metphor?) I went on the search for rock.* I got blessed with a new car stereo this xmas, and in preparation for it's installation, i'm updating my Ipod, getting rid of my jewel cases, and planning my new playlists/compilation CDs. I've been without CDs in my car forever. I mean it. For as long as I've owned a car, which is well over a decade now, i've never had a CD player. I'm lucky if i've had a tape deck for heaven's sake. The one in my current 2002 is busted. Figures.

So I went into HMV/Sunrise and went a little nuts. I only meant to buy a CD binder and order 2 CDs, but then they have this promotion and i got all promoted into it. So I ordered the new Shikasta album, and the Black Keys album from 2002...but then i picked up the new Black Keys, Donnas, Skinny Puppy, 2 Interpol albums, The latest Cure, and that odd album by Blank&Jones feat. Robert Smith. And as I pitched out my non recyclable jewel cases, I threw up the horns. and. i. rocked. out.

"I've got soul, but I'm...not a soldier..." (off the Killers album)

I've spent most of this year not listening to music, (due to it being in boxes,) not listening to MY music, hating ALT rock radio, and i feel it really has impacted me emotionally. I realized that i'm lonely if i don't have music. Now this is something I can rectify, and have.

If anyone wants a copy of the soon to be famous "ROCKORAMA" CD that i'm dreaming up, lemme know. I'm feeling good, writing some more tunes for the guitar that i'm not really learning how to play, and smiling. When I'm finally done, I'll post the tracks so you can see if you were also born to rock.

*I like my electronica, don't get me wrong, and the Blank&Jones/Robert Smith is crazy awesome.


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