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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Girl Goal of the Year--Accomplished!

Firefox and Netscape were formatting ok, but apparently the fonts I was using in my earlier CSI post were what was causing the problem in Explorer. Fix-Fix! It looks craptacular now, but it'll do. If everyone would only switch to Firefox, I could stop worrying about it. Until then I must respect people's rights to use crappy browsers, and figure out how to write effectively without using italics.

I had this goal to learn how to walk in smokin' stiletto heals. As of tonight, I can check that one off the list. I walked 2 blocks to dinner tonight, (thsuper cool to see Neil down this way,) and have the enormous blister to back me up. Please note: all that shit behind me, yes you do see every system known to man; they're not mine. As i've said, I'm more of a book nerd than...well maybe...tools... and uh, robots... but the only video game I've played recently is Katamari Damacy, which I highly recommend. Personally I'd rather put that kind of money into a plasma cutter. Damn, now that is sexy.

Good news: the whole reason I have these delectable daggers to don is due to the siren call of rock. Finally, the last CD I ordered has arrived. The music shop called me, and drew me in, and I spotted the spikey beauties along the way. Now all I have to do is spend countless hours trying to figure out how hard my rock is, whether there's going to be a gentle prelude, any respite, or just hammer it all the way, untill you feel it. Feel it in your chest, blow out your speakers, and get kicked out of your apartment. Can I get ah "HELL YEAH!"?

...rolling your own...no one to take home...
like you got no soul... ain't got no...
heal you warn you hold you warm you
It's all I got
but it's what I got
and I got it bad...


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