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Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I've been spoiled this season, and got more presents than I could have ever wanted. It's really odd to feel that way, but i don't habitually pump up my holiday expectations too much because this time of year is usually over-emotional, disaster riddled, and frustrating. This year hasn't let me down in that respect, but I don't usually get my ass spoiled off the way that i have this year, and i'll take the good with the bad and let them cancel one another out. leave it at weird. I'm recovering nicely--albeit suckily--from having my wisdom teeth taken out. The satisfaction of an almost painless Big Bacon Classic is a beautiful thing. I'm heading to Korea tomorrow, and will be back at the beginning of February. I'm nervous because i'm not really brave, or too experienced a traveller. I hope that i don't fall too far behind in my Japanese class. I did well on the exam, ahem, i got 90%. I hope that after I return, this coming year will bring me some much needed relaxation, peace and quiet. Shh, don't burst my bubble quite yet.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Watashi wa Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu.

Of course i'm lying. i've spent the last hour fiddling with my blog; i think i'm getting more inventive in the coding dept; the best part is that it all seems to be working. I'm still a non smoker, and still broke. Being this serious has real physical consequences: every muscle in my body is giving its best inpersonation of a Monkey's Fist. Lack of sleep is going to inspire some truly interesting life decisions. Well, they'll be interesting to me at least.

If you have good taste in music, come out to the Shikasta, C'mon, and Starvin' Hungry show in Hamilton on the 17th. Or go look for shows that are closer to you. Great bands, all of them. DL Shikasta's new video here.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I finished a friend's tattoo design today. it's pretty. i think when i build my website, i'll have a section for my designs. the website that seems never to materialize.

don't bug me about it. i'm in a terrible mood.