take it outside


Thursday, January 20, 2005

I have just a little over one week left to go here in Korea; it's been a really interesting experience. I went to a traditional bath house after a 6 hour wander, after work yesterday, and it was wonderful. The people here are really generous. I would have to say, without fail, when asked for directions, the Koreans will point out the way on the map; then they'll surprise you by ushering you to their cars and giving you a lift. The sauna and bathhouse was cheaper than a bad coffee. We were asking about where to find a coffee place in a swimsuit store, and the salesgirl dissapeared on us. Little did we expect that she was actually making us coffee, and we sat around trying to talk, and sipping the best coffee i've had in a while! I have the day off today. The next batch of kids arrives in the afternoon tomorrow, and i'm expecting them to be crazy, becasue they are so young and energetic.

I've eaten some pretty weird stuff.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I can't play pool unless i'm drunk apparently.
The Koreans have this neat game galled four ball, which is played on a table very similiar to a billiards table, only there's no pockets. I'm not sure how to play yet, but it looked pretty fun. The koreans are teaching us games and we hang out everynight, so they can practice their english. I think we should go bowling. Mmn bowling.

Yes even in Korea, I'm still a loser.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hi from Korea
lots of adventures, but i am very tired, so am only saying hello. my wisdom teeth seem to have been taken out incorrectly. i gathered this by the fact that i have shards of teeth poking through my healing gums. This is exactly what i need while in a foreign country...hope that i don't get infected and man, if i do, i'm gonna spank the oral surgeon when i get back. I'm losing my Ls and my Rs and have to wear a camp sweater most of the time. where i am located is surrounded by a mountain range to the north west, and the ocean to the north east. pretty nice view in the am, with the sun coming over the ranges, and the forests all around. My kids are great, and we get a new batch in a couple of days. Send me emails! It's very odd here.
my post says jan 8at 10 am but really it's the 9th, and late at night.

Hugs for everyone!