take it outside


Saturday, June 17, 2006

I did the grouse grind, and it was silly. It took me a while and I feel really out of shape. My car isn't here yet, and I feel trapped and lonely. Trying to quit smoking, (yes, again,) and am not doing so well on that either. Wondering what's wrong with me, because I've been so happy lately. Must be this crap weather.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is because I'm in BC right now, and was thinking I'd like to move here, but now I think maybe I'm too much of a pussy, missing my friends and family. I bet it would get better if I went out and did stuff, but I'm still pretty tired, and I guess that makes me even more pathetic.
Lonely today, I admit it, Miss Independant is lonely. I've got a couple of friends here, but they're married to one another so it's not like a party that I can join. I've met a couple of people but we're not really at the hanging around level yet, and the guy I was interested in, seems not to be that interested in me. I miss my car. Sounds siilly eh? I know that when my car gets here it will be far easier to check things out in BC than on foot or by bus, so I'm looking fwd to it getting here in just over a week or so, but until then I hope this is a passing phase. I guess it will be, because shortly I'll be too absorbed to feel the effects of displacement.