take it outside


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

This is adorable. That's all I have to say today, please enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2005

It was really windy. It was good to hang out in the mighty K-town for a little while, and see Bill, at The Jungle.
I ate a turkey dinner and went ice skating in Kingston this weekend. Brandy and I went down for her B-day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

so installing a car stereo is not rocket science. i know this. but:

after disconnecting, reconnecting, disconecting the new stereo a couple of times, i'm assured that my wiring is not the problem, with my fancy butt connectors and impeccable wiring aesthetic.The new stereo has power and pretty looking graphics, reads CDs fine, but there's no sound. after taking my doors apart to see if there was a short in one of the speakers, i realize that is not the problem either. So i'm really frustrated at this point becasue i'm not stupid, but for the life of me can't figure out what the problem is. So i head down to talk to the cute boys at Future Shop installations, toting my new stereo, my connections and fancy new interface to see if there's something i'm missing. These guys are so nice to me, (even though i don't pay them ever,) and they test all my bits and decide categorically that it's the actual stereo. Because even when stereos read things, and have power, they may not have functioning OUTPUT. AHHHHH.

of course i went to Korea, so it's been more than a month since xmas, and i can't return it. GAAAHHH. i'll have to ship it back to the company. BLAARRRGH

Monday, February 14, 2005

Regarding Valentine's Day:
We didn't do anything last year and we aren't doing anything this year. I would argue it would be because "[I]'ve torpedoed romance right through the hull and out the other side." You can guess that i never really got into Titanic.

What's really important:
How to fix shorted out speakers. you can't rock out without speakers. (This is the current stage of my car's stereo installation, which is turning out to be more like rocket science than i'd ever expected.) Connect the colour coded wires indeed.

What's truly important:
That material things can't bring you happiness, only the love around you and within blah blah blah.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I went on a buying binge today and it felt wonderful.

Down in the doldrums I've been, and to get a breath of fresh air from my palpable miasma, (is this a mixed metphor?) I went on the search for rock.* I got blessed with a new car stereo this xmas, and in preparation for it's installation, i'm updating my Ipod, getting rid of my jewel cases, and planning my new playlists/compilation CDs. I've been without CDs in my car forever. I mean it. For as long as I've owned a car, which is well over a decade now, i've never had a CD player. I'm lucky if i've had a tape deck for heaven's sake. The one in my current 2002 is busted. Figures.

So I went into HMV/Sunrise and went a little nuts. I only meant to buy a CD binder and order 2 CDs, but then they have this promotion and i got all promoted into it. So I ordered the new Shikasta album, and the Black Keys album from 2002...but then i picked up the new Black Keys, Donnas, Skinny Puppy, 2 Interpol albums, The latest Cure, and that odd album by Blank&Jones feat. Robert Smith. And as I pitched out my non recyclable jewel cases, I threw up the horns. and. i. rocked. out.

"I've got soul, but I'm...not a soldier..." (off the Killers album)

I've spent most of this year not listening to music, (due to it being in boxes,) not listening to MY music, hating ALT rock radio, and i feel it really has impacted me emotionally. I realized that i'm lonely if i don't have music. Now this is something I can rectify, and have.

If anyone wants a copy of the soon to be famous "ROCKORAMA" CD that i'm dreaming up, lemme know. I'm feeling good, writing some more tunes for the guitar that i'm not really learning how to play, and smiling. When I'm finally done, I'll post the tracks so you can see if you were also born to rock.

*I like my electronica, don't get me wrong, and the Blank&Jones/Robert Smith is crazy awesome.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Running 2 PCs with the same stuff in this house. One will run Japanese language inputs the way it's supposed to and one will not. You can guess by my tone that the machine that i need it to run on is mine; also, that mine is not the one that it runs on. WTF: to the heavens, i swear by Thor's mighty hammer that this computer is gonna get smashed one of these days. I'm avoiding driving to the university to take my Japanese Reading Exam. I'm just hoping that i do better than last time, where i didn't break a 70. I have to overcome a monumental indifference to everything in my life at this point; I'm not motivated, not interested, and not feeling well. I still feel out of sorts with being back in Canada, and am envious of my friends who are not here, or who are leaving here soon. I'm trying to organize my photos of Korea but it's a ways off for the slideshow still I think, at least a couple of days. I have to have it ready if i go visit my parents this weekend.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm back in Canada, it's very cold. I'm sort of really sick but i'm probably getting better. I feel really disjointed because i wasn't ready to come back, and made a lot of friends that i know i'll probably never see again. i've been sleeping most of the time and trying to get up the energy to go outside and run errands. I've got to get back into the daily grind of St. Cat's, which isn't very exciting; and i've got to try to make it to Japanese class so i can begin to catch up. I've got a JET interview in a couple of weeks, which I am excited about, and need to get a haircut for.